On June 23, an online seminar will be held on numerical modeling for the design of UHPFRC (ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete) structures. The event is promoted by the software company DIANA, software dedicated to the analysis of finite elements to perform basic and advanced analysis of structures.

The seminar will have the participation of professors Juan Navarro Gregori, Pedro Serna, Carlos Lázaro, and with doctors Eduardo Mezquida Alcaraz and Maziar Partovi.

Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (“UHPFRC”) is very quickly proving itself to be the building material of the future. Not to be confused with Ultra High Performance Concrete (“UHPC”), or Fiber Reinforced Concrete (“FRC”), the combination of UHPC and fiber reinforcements, creates a high tensile strength with a more ductile behavior, it has also been proved to have superior mechanical properties and energy absorption capacity. Initially, the high material cost, high energy consumption in its creation, and the embedded Co2 for UHPFRC, was not compatible with the global communities efforts to save energy and lower environmental impact. However, a decade of research has resulted in an optimized application of binders and fibers with efficient packing models, resulting in a product which is more sustainable and cost effective.

This online seminar is open to the public and no registration fee is required.

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