1. Encourage and promote quality, basic and applied research, through the implementation of R&D projects.
  2. Promote the transfer of technology to regional and national companies through the signing of R&D collaboration agreements that respond to their interests and increase their innovative capacity and competitiveness.
  3. Offer technical services and consulting to companies and institutions, through specialized staff.
  4. Promote the multidisciplinary character with high added value of the Institute by increasing the concentration of human resources dedicated to the construction area.
  5. Promote the participation of the members of the Institute in thematic networks of interest, both national and especially international, in order to promote the exchange of basic and technological knowledge.
  6. Promote forums for participation and discussion of future issues in the field of concrete science and technology, and design lines of action that can become a benchmark at a scientific and industrial level.
  7. Develop programs on the exchange of specialists in the central subject of the Institute, and organize meetings, conferences and other activities that allow exchange and communication between the different research groups.