José M. Adam has obtained an ERC Consolidator Grant
RESHEALIENCE : An ultra-high performance concrete
ICITECH. 15 years research in the field of construction and materials
Sustainability and new materials
Industrialization and processes automatization
Maintenance and structural security
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Working areas
• Sustainability
• Monitoring,
maintenance y pathology
• Structural security: seism, fire,
normative y reliability
• New materials
• Saving energy



Optimization Of The Hydraulic Performance Of The Drinking Water Network Through Fiber Optics


Sisnovatec, New UPV Spin-off

Produce innovations to limit the consequences of new earthquakes: SISBRICK


Wind-Store: Store energy in Ports

Take advantage of excess energy by storing it as compressed air


Online seminar: UHPFRC structure design

Online seminar on numerical models for the design of UHPFRC structures


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